What’s Next for Connection of the Worlds?

Hello everyone!

You might be wondering what I have been up to, as an author. Here’s a brief summery of what I have been working on:

I am currently writing the second book in the Connection of the Worlds series, which I hope to publish later this year. I have been writing constantly these past few weeks.

The second book dives deeper into the pasts of the protagonists, and their personalities develop a lot. They are mainly focused on finding mythical objects, which hopefully, will be able to give them an advantage over their enemies.

The second book also introduces some minor characters, who will be of importance later in the series.

In addition to the second book, I am going to publish a short story on kindle, hopefully in the next few months.

This book is a novella, centered around the character Jessica Anderson, the sister of Tor Anderson in the Connection of the Worlds series.

Jessica has her own problems to deal with at home. With Tor gone, her life has crashed into uncertainty. Even she misses him.

The book will take place during the later part of the first book in the series.


Be sure to look for these books that will hopefully be in Amazon.com shortly!

-Helena K. Hollander




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