COVID-19 Writing Update

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post about this book series. As you know, the world is in quite an odd state right now, what with COVID-19 and all. I hope you all are healthy and well, and reading more than ever!

I’ve found that, personally, I have had more time on my hands for writing. I was able to finish writing the sequel to Connection of the Worlds!

Yes, you heard me correctly. (Or read me correctly? Not sure how to write that sentence in a blog.) I have completed the second book, and I am currently in the editing process. Hopefully after that I can get the cover art, which I’ll probably post on this blog.

Here’s a sneak-peak summery of book 2:

In the second book of the Connection of the Worlds series, the four chosen heroes of an ancient prophecy are tasked with an even greater challenge than before: they must bring together the objects of Power. Doing so could result in the greatest battle of all time, or bring complete disaster upon humanity.

The Children of Myth will have to face even worse enemies than before. They previously – and wrongly – assumed that Eris was their worst enemy. They are very much mistaken. There will be new surprises, gods, and demons around their every corner.

In an all-new adventure, the Children of Myth will discover more about each other’s diverse pasts, and about the world, the worlds, they live in.


I hope that you enjoyed the quick book summery. I can’t wait to publish the next book!

-Helena K. Hollander


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