Q’s and A’s

I am very new to being a published author, but I still get asked questions by readers that I’d thought I would answer.

I will answer the questions that have been asked first, and then I will answer any ones that I expect a reader might have.

Most common questions:

How did you become an author?

I have always loved writing and reading. Ever since I read Harry Potter, I have loved fantasy books. I was also inspired by some other books I read to try and write my own book. I would often write down bits of stories in notebooks, and draw comics to go along with them. I think I have always been an author. The only thing that is new to me is the publication of my books.

How long did it take to write Connection of the Worlds?

I started writing my book in 2016, and wrote about ten chapters in about two months. Then, I took a break for a few months, and wrote other ideas. Then I eventually came back to Connection of the Worlds, and I did a major edit. I fixed a lot of errors in my writing, and made the characters much more developed. I didn’t stop writing until I was done with the first book. I edited, got cover art, then used Kindle Direct Publishing to self-publish the first book.

Who are your characters inspired by?

This is a question that I definitely wonder when I read fiction books. My four main characters are based on me, on my different aspects and personalities, past and present. Of course, not all of the things about them are true to me. I mostly just got my inspiration from how I think my personality is.

Other questions readers might have:

What did you change in your book since you started writing it?

I mostly changed the dialog of the book, and fixed a lot of sentences that didn’t make any sense. I also changed a few descriptions of places my characters visited. One main thing that affects my story is the year it was set in. Instead of being set in 2016 like it was originally, I changed it to be 2017.

What kinds of research do you do for your books?

I do a lot of online research about places my characters go. Even though I have been to quite a few of the cities and places they have been, it really helps me to know more about things such as transportation, and how long it normally takes to get somewhere. I also have tons of books at home that I use for research. Most of these are history, and I have tons on Greece, Egypt and a few on China, Rome, Norway and World History.

Do you have notebooks you use for character information, or do you use a computer?

I have about three notebooks that are full of Connection of the Worlds character profiles, concept art, weapon descriptions and family trees. I also use a lot of loose notes. I basically write down anything related to the series that I think might be important. I also write down scenes that I might one day use, or that have good dialog. I do use the computer to store my really important information on my characters, in case something were to happen to my notes.


I hope this was helpful and answered any questions you might have about the series. Please comment or let me know if you have any more questions you would like to be answered!

Thank you for checking out this website, and I hope you have enjoyed by book!