Updated: Official COTW Character Quiz

Connection of the Worlds Updated Official Character Quiz:

By, Helena K. Hollander

[This is the updated official character quiz for the series Connection of the Worlds.  Enjoy!]

Question 1. 

What is the closest description to your personality/traits?

  1. Irritable, bossy, intelligent and/or brave. 
  2. Introverted, shy, respectful and/or compassionate. 
  3. Withdrawn, sullen, resourceful and/or mysterious. 
  4. Loud, playful, adventurous and/or spontaneous. 

Question 2. 

What is the closest to your role in group assignments?

  1. I take control, and lead with confidence. 
  2. I listen to the needs of others, and do my part when necessary. 
  3. I watch and decide if it is worth getting involved in. 
  4. I try to do my best to help everyone, and pitch in where I can. 

Question 3. 

How do you greet a stranger?

  1. I analyze them, and try to act normal around them. 
  2. I smile and introduce myself. 
  3. I judge them, and decide if they are trustworthy 
  4. I try to get them to laugh, and I share my name. 

Question 4. 

What is the most important to you, out of the given answers?

  1. Solving the world’s problems. 
  2. My family and friends/loved ones. 
  3. My own safety. 
  4. Keeping everyone happy. 

Question 5. 

Which trait do you aspire to be the most?

  1. Intelligent. 
  2. Kind. 
  3. Honest. 
  4. Humorous. 

Question 6.

When would you feel most alone, out of the given circumstances?

  1. When I have been neglected from my family/friends. 
  2. When I am separated from a family member. 
  3. When my guardian has left/vanished. 
  4. When I am physically alone, with no one near me. 

Question 7. 

How would you react if an enemy/bully targeted you?

  1. Glare at them, then pick a fight. 
  2. Ask them to leave you alone, then retreat. 
  3. Insult them, then run. 
  4. Ask them to stop, or you will fight them. 

Question 8. 

Does your mind wander often?

  1. I get completely distracted by a chain of thoughts about anything and everything. 
  2. What was the question again? 
  3. Yes, but not all those who wander are lost. 
  4. Sometimes I guess, but mostly I’m focused on one thing at a time. 

Question 9. 

What is the closest to your deepest fear?

  1. The future/death. 
  2. Loosing my family/friends/lovers. 
  3. My secret slipping out/being who I am. 
  4. Natural disasters/certain animals. 

Question 10. 

What lurks in the dark?

  1. Monsters. 
  2. Mystery. 
  3. Nothing. 
  4. I don’t know. 

Question 11. 

What is magic?

  1. Something that cannot be defined, at least by those with mortal minds. 
  2. Something powerful, that we can only dream of. 
  3. Something unproven and not scientific. 
  4. Something weird and awesome. 

Question 12. 

What is love?

  1. Love is irrational and foolish. 
  2. Love is a magic in itself, and something intertwined with us. 
  3. Love is something we don’t fully understand/something that needs research. 
  4. Love is an important part of our society. 

Question 13. 

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

  1. There is no real answer to this riddle. 
  2. Both exist. 
  3. Both are parts of this question. 
  4. I don’t know. 

Question 14. 

If given the choice, would you leave your homeland?

  1. Only if I am aware of the circumstances. 
  2. Maybe, but only if it means helping those who are close to me. 
  3. If I had a homeland, perhaps I would feel differently. 
  4. If it means a great adventure, then yes! 

Question 15. 

What is a hero?

  1. A hero is someone brave and courageous, like me.
  2. A hero is someone who puts others before themselves. 
  3. A hero is someone who takes risks. 
  4. A hero is someone who stands for what they believe in. 


Mostly 1’s.

You are the most like Athena! This means that you likely have a personality that is intelligent, bossy and talented. This means that you feel the urge to take control over situations you are in. You probably are self-motivated and driven to do whatever it is that you are best at. Succeeding is everything to you, and you will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. You are an ambitious leader, and you know exactly what you want from life. You are very smart and cunning, and others look up to you. 

Mostly 2’s.

You are the most like Luna!  You are definitely a kind soul, who cares about the world. You want to please those around you, and aspire to be a better human being.  This means that you will always be open to hearing the suggestions and opinions of others. You value other people and their personalities. You are probably very empathetic and compassionate. You strive to learn what you can from the people you surround yourself with. Other people will always admire your appreciation for the world and the people in it. 

Mostly 3’s. 

You are the most like Seth! You are very thoughtful, and introverted. You strive to make the most out of your situation, and take note of others around you. You are likely to have a very serious and complex personality. It may take you a while to warm up to other people, but around close friends and loved ones, you feel your input is valid. You often try to understand the how and why of everything. Your thoughts are deep, and you like to spend a lot of time thinking to yourself. You do try to help when you think you can, and other people admire your deep intellect and perseverance. 

Mostly 4’s. 

You are the most like Tor! This means that you have an outgoing personality, and you care a lot about other people. You value friendships very much, and are usually the one joking around to lighten the mood. You are seemingly positive, and always try to look on the bright side of a situation. Your mind is often set on one thing at a time. You try to help out in any situation you can, and you attempt to keep a cheerful attitude. Others admire your sense of humor and your loyalty to those who you surround yourself with. 

[Thank you for taking the official Connection of the Worlds character quiz!]



Connection of the Worlds Character Quiz

Connection of the Worlds Official Character Quiz: What character are you most like?

Question 1: If you were to choose a favorite season, which would it be?

a. Summer

b. Fall

c. Winter

d. Spring

Question 2: If you see a group of people fighting, you…

a. Join the fight

b. Try to stop the fight

c. Run away

d. Let someone else stop the fight, but stay in case things get messy

Question 3: Which of these weapons do you wish you could have?

a. A spear

b. A halberd or polearm

c. A dagger

d. All of the above

Question 4: Which two subjects are your favorite?

a. I love all school subjects!

b. History and English

c. Math and science

d. I hate school!

Question 5: Which personality description fits you best?

a. Bossy and intelligent

b. Considerate and Passionate

c. Serious and resourceful

d. Funny and determined

Question 6: Which genre is your favorite?

a. Historical fiction

b. Mystery

c. Nonfiction

d. Science-fiction and fantasy

Question 7: Which of these landscapes do you like best?

a. Countryside

b. Forest

c. Large city

d. Beach

Question 8: Which colors are your favorites?

a. Red and gold

b. Purple and blue

c. Black and grey

d. Green and orange

Question 9: If you daydream, it is usually about…

a. Heroic deeds

b. Music and books

c. Real-world problems

d. Food

Question 10: If you had to choose a mythological enemy, who would it be?

a. Eris, the Greek goddess of discord

b. Shen, a Chinese shape-shifting dragon

c. Set, the Egyptian god of Chaos

d. Loki, the Norse trickster god

Question 11: Are you a hero?

a. Most definitely

b. Maybe

c. No

d. I want to be

Quiz complete! Continue for results!

Mostly a’s: You are the most like Athena! You are highly intelligent, and can usually come up with a plan on the spot. You can be bossy sometimes, but your good friends know you are more than that. You are a very knowledgeable person, who can be relied on for information. You have a sense of regalness about you, and are a natural leader.

Mostly b’s: You are the most like Luna! You are extremely nice to everyone, and love to help people. You might be shy and quiet, but you have a lot to say when it comes to the things you like to do. You are a peacemaker, and can help very different people get along. You have a thoughtful outlook on life, and are always willing to help a friend in need.

Mostly c’s: You are the most like Seth! You are serious, and might not be very open about your internal feelings. But despite that, you are willing to do what others say, as long as you can share the leadership. With your closest friends, you can be yourself. You have a mysterious air to you, and always think about all the scenarios that could happen at the moment.

Mostly d’s: You are the most like Tor! You are very funny and humorous, and can often act as the comic relief. You are usually joking around. You always try to be the best person you can be, even if you are sometimes clumsy or messy. You are always willing to pitch in to a project, and love to share your ideas with the rest of the world. You are eager to help people, and are a great friend.

Thank you for taking the Connection of the Worlds character quiz!